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A ServiceLive Lead is simply a customer who has a service need and wants an easy way to find a local contractor through ServiceLive. We distribute these leads to qualified ServiceLive Approved & Background Checked firms.

How it Works Read our Frequently Asked Questions What is a lead?

Leads are put into the ServiceLive Leads system Leads come into our system via phone calls, internet submissions, and from 3rd party partners who send us referrals.

The ServiceLive Leads system scans all of the profiles. After matching profiles are found, the system automatically dispatches the lead to the correct provider profile

The Lead is then automatically dispatched to up to 3 providers Depending on the type of lead. It's important to contact the customer quickly, so your chances of closing the sale are higher.

Automatically pay for the leads you receive every week. Your credit card is charged every Friday OR when your account balance reaches $250, whichever happens first.

FAQ's See How it Works What is a lead?

Remember! If you have additional questions you can always give us a call!! 1-888-211-6218

Why should I use ServiceLive Leads?

ServiceLive Leads strives to offer our providers with flexibility in the types of leads they receive from us.
  • We are pay for performance: If you don't receive any leads you don't have to pay for anything.
  • Our leads are qualified twice to ensure they are serious about having working done.
  • Providers are our partners: We want to learn how we can help you with more work. Please engage with us we want to know.

Are you going to charge me 10%?

No, you interface with the customer directly off of the platform AND on your terms!

How much are the leads?

The prices of the leads vary depending on two factors: How many providers receive the lead, and what service vertical the lead is in. You are able to choose the types of leads you want sent to you.

How many times do you sell the leads?

ServiceLive Leads sells two types of leads: exclusive and competitive.
  • Exclusive leads are only sold one time.
  • Competitive leads are sold a maximum of three times (sometimes less). We allow customers to request one or multiple bids and we will introduce that customer to one or more provider firms based on that choice.

When do I have to pay?

We don't believe you should have to invest a lot of money just to start receiving leads. We offer a pay as you go service that will automatically charge your credit card on record every Friday for the leads you received that week. We automatically charge your saved credit card when you reach a balance of $250, or every Friday for the leads you received that week, whichever comes first.

How much can I charge for my services?

You're at liberty to charge the customer what you think is a fair price. ServiceLive Leads is a reliable and consistent source for customer introductions. However, it is up to you to close the sale.

Do I accept each lead?

  • No. ServiceLive Leads uses its distribution logic to automatically dispatch leads as evenly as possible across its eligible provider community.
  • **However, in special instances, ServiceLive Leads will book calls that have a fixed appointment window and price. In those instances, the provider firm still contacts the customer to confirm the previously agreed appointment. Those leads are called jump ball / cherry picked leads and the terms will be up front before you can accept the lead.

Can you send me an exact number of leads every day or week?

ServiceLive Leads is working hard to be able to deliver our providers a steady consistent stream of work. However, the amount of leads that your firm receives weekly will vary based on the marketing efforts of our partners and the number of providers in your area.

Can I limit how many leads I receive?

Absolutely, we can cap the number of leads you receive daily or monthly to a number of leads your firm provides us or by a monthly budget in $$ terms

Do I have to agree to participate for a long time?

No, ServiceLive Leads is about choice. You can activate / deactivate your account at any time by calling us at 800-572-8172 or emailing us at

What if you send me a lead with incomplete customer information?

We at ServiceLive Leads pride ourselves on the quality of our leads but mistakes do happen. If you receive a lead that you think is in error, our agents will work with you to rectify the situation with a full refund.

When do I have to contact the customer?

Research suggests that the sooner you reach out to a customer the higher your likelihood of getting the appointment. Also, the strength of our brand is derived from an engaged provider community. Therefore, if you do not maintain adequate CSAT scores, you may be restricted from receiving leads going forward.

Why do you ask me questions after I receive and pay for the lead?

We at ServiceLive Leads pride ourselves on the quality of our leads but mistakes do happen. If you receive a lead that you think is in error, our agents will work with you to rectify the situation with a full refund.


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